Banarasi saree displayed at the National Museum, Delhi, in 2014.
From the Bharany Donation,
National Museum, Delhi, 2014.
My own saree collection is spread across a few cities. In March 2015, I began tweeting using the handle @SareeSearch mainly to catalogue my sarees, both handloom and not, not so much to showcase the extraordinary but simply to keep track of what I have (most of which, in my opinion, is extraordinary even though almost none of my sarees are expensive), and to give myself the opportunity to look at them —they're so often works of art— without having to worry about distance or the effort it'd take to lift them.

Rather to my surprise, a few people showed an interest in contributing, and the handle no longer has images of my sarees alone. In case you're interested in sharing original pics of some of your sarees at the handle, please let me know at @nsaikia or

SareeSearch has turned more into an exploration of various weaves and embroideries than it is a catalogue of sarees acquired. The blog contains short posts on a few different kinds of sarees, a list of people other than me who've shared sarees at @SareeSearch is here, and the sarees themselves are here.

— Nandita Saikia